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This show dramatically shifted focus during its second half. The actress who plays one of the title characters of this show was fired. Fans were really upset when this character left. This show had a big cast change for a tragic reason.

Gilmore and Emilie de Ravin would all be leaving the show as regulars. This is a fairly famous instance of an actor being recast. Ratings began to decline after that, and the show was canceled at the end of the eighth season.

One of the lead characters of this show was killed off for a weird reason. However, not all fans were happy. But Grace decided to leave the sitcom at the end of the eighth season.

This actor was fired after bad off-set behavior. However, he unfortunately suffered a back accident while filming a movie, and that made him unable to continue on the show. But every once in a while, a cast change occurs that dramatically impacts the show forever.

But instead, Carell was given a grand exit near the end of the seventh season, and the show actually continued for two seasons after that. This show actually fired one of the lead characters.

During the production of the seventh season, Williams became pregnant and asked Paramount for some pretty reasonable accommodations on set, like asking for the day off on her due date. Kutcher was clearly a good choice, as the show continued for another four seasons after that.

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Desmond and Ben eventually became two of the most important characters in the entire series. It appeared in his wifes column in the Nonpareil Newspaper called Kippies Corner.

This show lost a main cast member right away. Paramount refused and instead fired Williams from the show. On the other hand, Ben and Chris were fantastic additions, and the romance between Ben and Leslie would wind up becoming a driving force of the show.

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If your application is rejected, you will be notified by two gentleman wearing white ties carrying violin cases. This show benefited from major cast changes. Sherbondy to confirm but haven't succeeded yet. Although the show is an ensemble, the main character was always Eric, played by Topher Grace.