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How many medals they won, and how big the sport is globally. In between he won the Kentucky Derby four times, nearly races and an ocean of prize money. In his prime in the s, he was an athlete who made crowds feel like they were part of his own private cheer squad. From Liston to Frazier and George Foreman, Muhammad Ali operated in the best era of the big men and emerged on top of the pile, several times over.

Also known for his nightclubbing ways and succession of cool cars, he was a post-war tonic for the depressed United States. Others throw away the script and enthral with pure improvisation. Kelly Slater Judging the multi-multi world champ by statistics is very unsurfing.

His massive homers included one that exited Tiger Stadium in Detroit and came to a stop a reputed m from the slugger. Where palmer scores big in our estimation is on the character stakes. Woods makes shots he has to make.

The most common criticism is that he faced just four nations in Test combat. An Olympic gold medallist and heavyweight champ in a very strong era, his three epics with Ali immortalise him. He had no human rival, and on the days he finally gave everything for the whole race, records were destroyed.

Brutality plus ruthless effectiveness is a dynamite combo in any sport. Banned from athletics for taking baseball money, Thorpe simply took up pro baseball for a living. Wilt Chamberlain The best of the big men.

Also known for his nightclubbing waysOthers throw away the