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Aristo slide rule dating

There are details on the reverse for different machining processes badly worn. Two worked examples for different calculations are given on the reverse. It is a duplex rule with eighteen specialist scales. The rule has a black card case. He sells his blueprint business interests to George W.

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Almost certainly made by Faber Castell. Other Slide Rule dates are currently in development. Frederick Post starts Frederick Post. Makepeace, who in started the B.

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There is a centimetre ruler in the well. Reiss Progress duplex aluminium ten inch slide rule. The Bruning boys work for another blueprint company.

The cursor, of aluminium and celluloid, has been bent and is not a perfect fit so may be a replacement. It probably dates from the s.

It has their date code for January in the usual places, the construction is the same, as are the dimensions, the type face, the cursor construction and the card case. Gray cloth covered card case. Assistance in this effort will be appreciated.

Huey form American Blueprint Co. It has a cloth covered card case and a plastic slip with tables on each side.