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Various people chosen by Mussolini himself, who each held appointments of three-year durations. Fascist philosophies vary by application, but remain distinct by one theoretic commonality. Mussolini was arrested immediately after the meeting. As all the former governing institutions had been subordinated to the Fascist party, the Council was the only check on Mussolini's power.

Grand Council member Dino Grandi proposed a vote of no confidence in Mussolini as leader of the Council and the party. Definitions of fascism Historians, political scientists and other scholars have long debated the exact nature of fascism. Enciclopedia on line in Italian.

University of Nebraska Press. Maurras distrusted what he considered the democratic mystification of the popular will that created an impersonal collective subject. The Rise and Fall of the Third Reich ed. The Grand Council meetings were convened by the Prime Minister himself, and all decrees and laws could only be legalized after receiving his approval. They were executed by firing squad three days later.

He claims that National Socialism and communism are essentially manifestations of populism and that states such as National Socialist Germany and Fascist Italy are more different than similar. While continuing to rely on Germany for support, Mussolini and the remaining loyal Fascists founded the Italian Social Republic with Mussolini as head of state.

He claims that NationalWhile continuing to rely