Winters and left the building

Baby oil and pantyhosed feet

Then a stand was attached to

The flow was resumed and her stomach grew larger. Winters spun Jackie around so that she faced the exam table with her back towards the director.

Fifteen minutes of enema retention and Jackie was a new person or so it seemed. After a few minutes, he retracted it and noted the temperature on a clipboard.

She cried now and theThe flow wasShe lay with the enema tubeYou will almost immediately

You will almost immediately begin peeing your diapers. She cried now and the tears flowed down her cheeks. She lay with the enema tube in her sphincter for a long time, as Dave and Ms.

She rolled over on her back with her legs together. Then a stand was attached to her chair and Amy smiled down on her. The assistant smiled at her and spooned up a gooey mass, bringing it towards Jackie's mouth.

She rolled over onThe assistant smiled at

Winters speaking to Jackie. Winters stepped back from the changing table, admiring her handiwork. Jackie squirmed on the table in her diapers. Jackie gagged from the taste. Jackie was stripped naked, wiped, and bathed by the man she had once slapped for fondling her bottom.

Winters spun Jackie around