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After local subsidiaries of G S. Grounds for the decision I. It is true that, in the instant case, no claim was made at the time of delivery. Certainly under the point of view of good faith and fair dealing Art.

As the Court of Appeals has

Further claims that company G. Warehouse China Building No.

Especially for offshore wind parks, where repairs are costly, the reliability of each component is of paramount importance. These elaborations do not withstand legal scrutiny on all points. We supply materials that meet these high requirements for corrosion resistance, strength and ductility.

The question whether and possibly which evidentiary consequences an actual admission of liability has, is not part of that scope. The powder delivered to company I. Steel, made from ores and coal could neither be forged nor rolled without hot work tool steels.

The objections raised by the appeal in this regard are not persuasive. It is true that, because of the expert report of Prof. The appeal to this Court is of the opinion that Art. Without knives and mills made from tool steel the food industry would have extreme problems to provide enough food. This assumption was not changed by the considerations of the private expert Prof.

That scope results from Art. Performance and efficiency of the turbines are constantly increased. Only a few natural products find their way into our everyday life in their orginal form.

Durable and wearresistant cold work steels

Plastics, produced from petroleum, would not be omnipresent in its wide variety and applciations without plastic mold steels. According to the expert report of Prof. Exploitation, transport and processing are rightly subject to the highest safety requirements. Tool steel is working in the background in our day to day life, but without tool steel our day to day life would be not possible.

Durable and wear-resistant cold work steels are used, for example, in the wood industry to produce building materials from new trees for new living quarters. As the Court of Appeals has correctly determined, the Dutch M.