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Derek Jones and Adrian Monroe. The stories, settings and characters are fictional. He also gets stroked and ass poked by the horny old man filming it all. Greg also tastes his own cum for the first time. Ballard stares him down, making him tremble in his seat before giving him the chance to prove his worthiness.

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This is not our intention. He likes to compete with his straight buddies in the gym and bet who can fuck a girl in the best way. The Straightfraternity director had heard that Ty was in the town and offered him some cash for a helping hand and blowjob session.

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But Joey needed a bit more professional help, so the Straightfraternity owner stepped in and gave Joey a helping hand, which resulted in Joey shooting his load. These scenes are scripted.

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Both Caesars loved the idea as soon as it was uttered and quickly got down to business. That probably gives him a lot of confidence, but it also stems from his many years of training in various martial arts. So, the boys get naked and their cocks hard, and as the story here usually goes, director Caruso delivers the sad news about the girl who is not going to arrive. Peter has great blue eyes, nice beefy and hairy body and a very nice thick and stiff uncut cock. As per the protocol, Caruso tells both guys to get naked and get hard while he invites the female talent.

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