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Adekan has several but the most notable is probably Anri whom seethes with jealousy when watching Shiro act flirtatious with a woman. He's so far gone that he'd rather be hated by him because at least that's better than being nothing at all. Souma Saiki shows these traits towards Masataka, but later mellows out. He said himself that if Misaki ever attempts to leave, he will lock him up so no one can take him away.

Genkaku from Deadman Wonderland gets very annoyed and angry whenever he sees the possibility of a girl getting close to Nagi. To further illustrate things, Sakuragi was doing nothing more than walking with her and exchanging some small talk.

Dee can move completely into this trope at warp-speed if he feels motivated enough. Katou from Haru wo Daiteita can drift into this territory when Iwaki is concerned. Atsushi Otani from Lovely Complex is a bit like this towards Risa Koizumi, but subtler than the standard. He makes a deal with Hago in order to appear irresistible to Nala. Because he doesn't love you.

Things didn't work out well for him. He couldn't stand the thought of anyone touching her or having babies with her but him, so he first helped her escape from the Garden and later handed her over to Dr.

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He gets utterly distraught and feeling the impulse of killing both them. Gauron's reaction normally involves trying to eliminate these people in violent ways. He tries to persuade Swordfish to kill Sen but that doesn't work. When Mello drops by late one night for a clandestine meeting with L, Light immediately becomes suspicious that L is cheating on him.

Luka is a mild version towards Yuki in both his male incarnation and female incarnation. Heiji is also a mild version for Kazuha, even without noticing. Both Raikou and Gau state at some point that they would do anything for each other. Wolfram harbors a borderline obsessive jealousy in regards to his accidental fiance Yuuri. You would think that he is or seems to be less possessive and you would be wrong.