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This is our second show on masks. The spaces which were earlier spread out have shrunk. Life is meant to be enjoyed, leaving crisis behind. Sunderban in West-Bengal on the other hand received a pat on the back for effective management of man-tiger conflict Henceforth the specific problems of certain reserves came up for discussion.

This is where one can also see the neelgai blue bull or the Asian antelope. We wanted to look at the subject in a more human way.

Even police patrolling is erratic. Built according to the norms set by the health department, the vaults are clean and can be reused as the mortal remains are moved to a pit, Fr Chiramel said. This is missing in the real statute but the students have successfully recreated it in the replica. The Lesser Whistling Duck is breeding at the sanctuary.

The national river

The national river, Ganga, is so dirty at places that the water you cup in your hands is just liquid disease. It could be that of any spiritual practitioner. But we had to do our creative best to conceal some of the flaws. These experts have worked on several international Metro projects that came up in the vicinity of monuments.

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