Joseph Foveaux Hobart jurisdiction

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Act establishing trial by jury in New South Wales. This was the sea which it was necessary to traverse to get to the spice islands by the western route. The control thus secured by Philip over the colonies and the shipping of Portugal enabled him to strike the desired blow at the Dutch. Tasman's rise was very speedy. South Australia undertakes to administer the Northern Territory.

The Commonwealth Constitution before the Imperial Parliament. Act for construction of Kalgoorlie to Port Augusta railway passed. There are no names to compare with theirs for breadth of scope and splendour of accomplishment. Voyage of the Lady Nelson from England. Torres resolved that he would not return until he had achieved some amount of exploration.

Act for the Government of N. There was a period when maps of the world were published whereon the part occupied by the continent of Australia was a blank space. House of Commons Committee on Transportation. University of Perth founded.

Television transmission begins in Sydney. But Philip wholly underestimated the spirit and enterprise of the Dutch people. Annexation of the Swan River. Strzelecki finds traces of gold.

Diaz rounds Cape of Good Hope. Administration of Grose and Paterson. First uranium treatment plant opened at Rum Jungle. Bligh Governor of New South Wales.

Diaz rounds Cape of Good HopeAdministration of Grose and Paterson

William Paterson Port Dalrymple jurisdiction. Capture of the Kelly Gang. Admiral Henderson's naval report. Defeat and surrender of Germany.

Quiros discovers the New Hebrides. Discovery of Torres Strait.