Some helping is not as tricky

Dating a guy in a wheelchair

It would actually more reassuring to just be cool in small ways as things come up, and not make a big deal of any adjustments you need to make or new things you learn about his body. My sister is disabled and she says she knows everyone has some measure of curiosity about it. The uncomfortable scenarios were endless and my self-conscious brain was starting to freak out.

Nonetheless many people view men who

Handicap seating sucks in most places. The world is most definitely not accessible even when they say they are and not all people are understanding of that or respectful either.

Nonetheless, many people view men who use wheelchairs as weak or a possible burden to potential dating partners. Although, it took over a year with him losing more and more feeling as days went on to finally be told why. He now does and I love him with all my heart through good and bad. On the other hand, if you see him struggling or looking frustrated me when putting on or taking off socks let him know that you don't mind being asked to help. He has spino bifida but what caused him to not be able to feel his lower half anymore was diagnosed as sarcoidosis of the spine which we were told was rare.

It's nice, on dates, if you can do something where for some part of the time you are both seated because it helps with eye contact. He's obviously nice enough to have caught enough of your attention for you to even be thinking about him. Just have fun and if it does get to sexy-times kind of fun, either he will have his own methods and strategies or you'll get to make some up together. Although many men in wheelchairs might be quite autonomous, it may still be necessary for you to offer a helping hand. Hope you two have a fantastic evening.

Although it took over a year