Be sensitive, but not pitying

Dating a sexually abused man

Just being there for moral support can make the experience of seeking professional help less scary. Sometimes just listening is a great way to show support. This is especially true when the abuse occurs at the hands of another male. Suppressing the trauma only makes it worse, and these women often end up developing a serious disconnect from healthy relationships. Women who have been sexually abused can and do heal from the abuse.

The very fact that he chose to reveal this information to you shows that on some level he trusts you and the last thing you want to do is shut him down. Make an effort to understand what your partner is going through.

The very fact thatMake an effort to understand

Unwanted touching or sexual pressure will only reinforce her sense of distrust. Educate yourself on the effects of sexual abuse.

More severe effects may include insomnia, poor anger management and paranoia. While you may never be able to understand the violation your partner experienced, do what you can to learn. You must be dedicated to being there for your partner and offering the support she needs, or your relationship may have the potential to cause even more damage.