De Jesus is stoic as always

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He means business all

Bundit dances on the sideline, an animated fellow during the matches. De Jesus submitted his team to Spartan-like training and hammering discipline and slowly molded the Lady Spikers to a championship-caliber squad. Like a chess master, De Jesus learned from his mistakes before pulling off a feat that will cement his name as one of the greatest. His system is hinged on well-planned strategies and tactics.

Maybe it needed something for people to get hooked into. De Jesus carefully chooses his words but when he gives one, everybody listens. Ateneo crawled its way to the championship round through a series of do-or-die games. Midway in the season Bautista got pregnant. And protect it they did in a series sweep capped by a dramatic five-set victory.

So tanggapin na lang nila

Tomas, then mentored by legendary coach August Sta. Only this time around, Fajardo, Cheng and Dy were the ones who followed him from behind. De Jesus was ready for Ateneo. When the celebration subsided, De Jesus fashioned the same smile he wore in his past nine championships as he was led inside the pressroom of the Big Dome.

He means business all the time. So, tanggapin na lang nila. It was a devastating loss to say the least. De Jesus, calm and composed, knew what to do. The Lady Spikers and the Lady Eagles would eventually meet in the Finals for the fifth year in a row.

Maria, were the ones lording over here the competition. De Jesus knows how to win and his career win-loss record says it all.

De Jesus won his tenth title. He knew the strengths and weaknesses of the Lady Eagles and used it to his advantage to win the series opener. The storied rivalry between La Salle and Ateneo spilled from the basketball court to the taraflex mat of volleyball. Ateneo equalized in the second round and even took the top spot after the elimination. De Jesus shared the secret of his success.