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Peter Rahbek builds fine guitars in his native Denmark, where Rahbeck guitars are the choice of pros from his country. If you're looking for an easy to play guitar, the action doesn't get any lower than this baby. Includes well-padded Schecter gigbag and optional stereo cable for running into separate electric and acoustic amps. We have a few of these in stock and feel that they're one of the most unique semi-hollowbody guitars made.

Not necessarily a bad thing unless you like to do dive bombs. It has a thin and comfortable neck with an excellent setup and, as you might expect, very much a Strat tone.

The top is beautifully carved with a sharp arch, as well recessed knobs and switch. Features real Kahler tremolo and excellent sounding pickups. Eastwood has come on strong in a relatively short period of time, resurrecting classic models from past decades, but not your Gibsons and Fenders, but models by Harmony, Supro, Airlines, etc. Killer Viper with in super clean condition, upgraded with a killer pair of DiMarzio humbuckers.

The top isFeatures real Kahler tremolo

Cosmetically it's in nice shape for its age other than a spot on the back where the clear coat is worn through but this is a very thin nitro finish so it's going to wear easily. His setups on Dano's is simply incredible. This guitar will perform great for nearly any type of music, and especially jazz and jump, although it's probably not the best choice for super heavy metal.