That what they had wasn't enough

Dating options limited

Suddenly, there was another thought that Willa couldn't get out of her head. Oh fuck, feeling her tongue beginning to swirl around her nipples was amazing. Everything she knew it would be. It was downright mortifying.

Something which they could maybe

Or worse try and leave without making Waverly cum first. Part of her wished it wasn't. That was a massive understatement, but the most fucked up thing about it, and her whole life in general, was that her life actually got better after her Daddy and eldest sister died. But ironically despite the bad memories with the protection spell now back up and running it was the safest place in all of her hometown of Purgatory.

Not that it stopped her from loudly screaming her pleasure, especially as she was pretty sure Waverly was still home. Something which they could maybe get away with.

Not that it stopped her from

Or ever since she realised it was her. It's the same way I look at you.

Well, maybe more so a few minutes ago, but this was a whole different type of heaven. Wynonna was so, so happy to have Willa back, but not be able to touch Waverly was torture. Throughout that Wynonna never broke the kiss.

So Wynonna allowed herself to be pushed down to her knees and her face to be pulled directly into Willa's cunt. Not after knowing the heaven that was having Wynonna inside of her. Not that Waverly ever wanted Wynonna to leave. She wouldn't let Wynonna walk away this time. At least not for too long, and never in front of Willa.

Even before the rest of the family was taken from them Waverly had always felt a deep connection with Wynonna. Which wouldn't be too bad, considering some of the other things she had done to survive over the past few years.