Sonic Gets Mugged - Blackout

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Business Battle - Jenkins Zach is warned by his war-hungry boss Trevor that there's a sniper on the roof of the building across the street. Timmy During the shoot, Zach couldn't stop laughing. Birds and Bees Dad tells his son about the gross facts of life. Alcoholic Husband - A woman Elizabeth Bocs continually catches her husband Sam drinking beer in different ways.

Video Time Capsule for the Year - Capitalism still reigns. On a note related to the ending, there are theories about the authorship of Shakespeare's plays. Girl Sympathy A group of women evoke sympathy from each other by talking about their feminine issues. Office Insubordination - Zach and Sam have a better relationship with the boss Timmy than newbie Darren does.

Dolphin Song - A guitarist Zach tries to integrate his pet dolphin Trevor into his act on an open mic night. Cloud Watching - Sam and Trevor look at cloud formations. Only Darren escaped the heat - he was drinking Pepsi. Timmy's wig was stapled to his head.

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Zach Dating Karen - Zach breaks the fourth wall and asks the audience to settle arguments between him and his girlfriend Sam. The theory is rejected by most scholars. Thankfully, no one was injured. The Dinosaur Rap - The grand finale.

Trevor had to sit behind a curtain next to the lights, which meant he was sweating continuously. Sam plays a very minor character. Sonic Gets Mugged - Blackout. You can see him smiling quite obviously in several of the wide shots with the two men shown together.

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It was built by Darren's roommate Bill, who according to Darren is good at these things. Darren's wife Rachel thinks this sketch is absolutely disgusting. Darren Shot with the Abe Lincoln sketch.

Zach's beard kept slipping off because he was sweating too much - you can actually see it coming off as Trevor's character beats Lincoln to the ground. Darren's job was to close the curtain after Trevor's character makes his exit. Zach's character is dressed like a Blade Runner. John Wilkes Booth During a play, John Wilkes Booth makes several failed attempts to assassinate Lincoln, who repeatedly calls for his security guard.