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She also says he held a knife to her throat and that he could kill her and no one would care. Apparently this foreign born singer has been hospitalized for nearly a month because of the beating she took from the same man. The thing is though, last night while his wife of many many years was talking to friends, our actor was hitting on a woman at a party and telling her he could get her roles. Many people have no idea who she is, and she wants to use the platform to make herself a big star. Last night she was like a zombie and not the person everyone loves.

This former A- list mostly television actress from a very hit show which is now defunct has had a couple massive television hits in her career. She says she lost her breath and couldn't answer when he was asking about an actor on the set and whether she was sleeping with him. My Tokyo source who has now left the city says she saw Porsha at breakfast eating with only the crew. Like I feel like there's gotta be a reason to do things and I always had a reason to be punk. The hours were long, and the pay not so great.

It was a bronzed bangle bracelet that was an antique. The movie did really well compared to its budget.

She would take breaks to make out with a woman who did not appear to be her date, but someone she met at the party. He has played with her heart for several years now but is telling her she is the one.

This one could actually pay for itself. After a couple minutes, the actor finally realized it was going to be a no and called her some horrific names and told her she would never amount to anything in the business. As I have been warning you, it could very well happen again. She also spent most of the night at an after party with her head down doing lines of coke. It wouldn't surprise me if he shared the capsules with other people as well.

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More like I don't like explaining. Where else could one really want an underground high speed train that travels a relatively short distance. It is the only reason she agreed to work with him again.

He has done this before she has not left him, so this probably won't be any different. She got screwed over there was not a nomination for a role on a cable series.

So, when that person does say no and doesn't go to a party, and tries to do the right thing, what are they supposed to think when they get cheated on at the party they didn't attend. Could be a Hollywood cliche but it was nice to see her hanging out with her husband after it looked like that drama student she taught in a series of classes might be a replacement.