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He is last seen crawling away and collapsing, but disappears after this. She believes strongly in integration and meets Roman during that week.

Jones escapes with the cross and runs home. He then gives Jones his fedora before walking out. Afterwards, she crosses the temple's seal with the Grail, causing the temple to collapse and her to drop the Grail as well as nearly falling into a chasm.

The crate explodes, causing the entire ship to blow and killing Panama Hat and his crew. His uncle that takes over as leader used to be a Trag. Spielberg cast Elliott in the role because he was a fan of the actor. In an early script of the film, Lal was set to have a more important role, but the script was rejected. She overreaches and Indy loses his grip on her, causing her to fall to her death.

She is also close friends with Lukas, Taylor, Sophia, and Grayson. Indy catches her, but she sees the Grail on a shelf of rock and greedily reaches for it despite Indy's warnings. She discovers that she is a very strong woman, a gutsy lady. He reappears in a Marvel Comics sequel, where Indiana bails him from a Panama City jail after being charged with rum-running. The knight is last seen waving goodbye to Indy as the temple collapses.

He is the son of Nox, leader of the Atrians, and is thus a natural born leader. As the bravest and most worthy, he was chosen to remain as the Grail's sole guardian while his two brothers traveled back to Europe, leaving behind two markers leading to the Grail's location. He got one deal from a buyer with a provision that said he had to kill Jones. Herman does what he says bringing the Sheriff to the Jones residence. He reappeared in Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade.

He dies when the truck driven by Jones rams his car, sending it flying off a cliff. His return in Crusade was motivated by the director's desire to have the film hew closer to Raiders.

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When Emery learned about Grayson's parents, she was infuriated, however, she eventually forgave them and the two had a very brief romantic relationship. Jones sighs, pulls out his revolver and shoots him, causing the crowd to burst into cheers. The only piece of Dietrich merchandise has been a metal miniature. He forms an intense relationship with Taylor, thus resulting in her pregnancy.

It is unknown if he escaped. He is killed when the Ark is opened, the sheer heat shrinking his head.