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Hey guys, I am Quinn and I am a cougar phone sex slut. Now I am not the girl who usually hits the gym especially when the weather is so nice.

But if you give me any trouble, I will bind your hands so that your whole body is at my mercy for as long as I deem necessary. With or without your cock in my mouth. Call and ask for Quinn for cougar phone sex and I will show you how I only get better with age.

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One night I was feeling especially horny and found myself a sexy looking silver fox that wanted to come over and eat my cunt for a few hours. It makes sense, as I sure do love tease and denial.

Or about my time with the last guy that I dated for a while, where he would come over while you were at work and fuck me in every inch of the place, including our bed. Now I have no issue with taking control of things and making you be my bend over boyfriend for the day. That is almost double what each of our husbands have going on. Right now I want you to be in charge with submissive phone sex. Whatever you ask me to do next as your submissive phone sex slut, will make my pussy drip.

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All it takes is a phone call to me and we will see how much willpower you have. Simplicity really is the way to go sometimes. And they get to jerk off while they think about it. You are not offended by adult material.

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They will do it even without being promised that they are going to get what they want from us. Mutual masturbation drives me wild with all the possibilities.