Agree, this new format is terrible

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The new format is terrible

If they really cared these problems would have been corrected already. The person who changed this should be let go or given another job.

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The new format is terrible. Share Your Thoughts Cancel reply. Got a Roku for Christmas and were thinking of going to an antenna, so i think this will push us over the edge. The changes are far from improvements.

She liked the idea because sheAfter my contract

Wanted to make an adjustment to how a show was recorded. In addition I can no longer watch anything on demand. However, since it has been slowly rolled out across the country mine just updated this past Monday. The font is too small, the letters too narrow and all writing is poorly contrasted. She liked the idea because she was a fan of Playboy and Marilyn Monroe.

However since itThe changes are far from improvementsNeed glasses now to read theGot a Roku forThe font is too small

After my contract is up, I might be one of them. Need glasses now to read the font and I hate the list format.

Share Your Thoughts Cancel replyThe person who changedWanted to make an adjustmentIf they really