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Teen Titans Raven X Cyborg By TvComrade

Despite several rocky times they have since formed a very close romance. Raven, in turn, seems to accept Cyborg as he is without question and accepts his enthusiasm for his hobbies, even if she does not share it. He was even more surprised Beast Boy went with them to defeat their old enemies. This ability has it's own cons though.

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Where all Cyborg X Raven fans can come and talk about their fav couple, share stories, poems, and anything else related to Cyborg and Raven. So she asks someone she trusts. Cyborg, despite being the Titan most similar to Beast Boy, is more mature than he is and is more considerate of Raven's preferences.

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Despite sometimes being a bit inconsiderate of Cyborg's feelings, Raven never intends to hurt him emotionally. Raven and Cyborg have a fairly stable and healthy relationship. His favorite food is barbecue and he also especially enjoys other meat, milkshakes, pizza, and waffles. Cy, Stone while pretending to be a student of H.

Met with a proposal to remain and become the leader of the Titans East, Cyborg decided to stay with his new team. His favorite food is barbecue and he also especially enjoys milkshakes, pizza, and waffles. However she ultimately realizes her fault, and goes to comfort him and help him get his car back. Even after so many years, Cyborg cared deeply for Starfire's well-being.

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Silas Stone father Elinore Stone mother. Their first defeat from Terra made him extremely angry with himself, because he had a chance to take a shot but didn't. One facet of personal vulnerability is Cyborg's great personal pride in his inventions and constructions. He gave his life for all of them, he gave his life for the world, but his sacrifice was at great cost. Yet she finds herself longing for it beyond all her control.

Beast Boy is Cyborg's best friend. Yet, he is just as often seen at his friend's side causing mischief with him. Cyborg often plays the protective big brother role of the team, getting quite serious when they are upset and does whatever he can to make them feel better. Time-travel seems to be the only option.