That shit is so funny lmao

Thot got recorded nd shown to tha squad

This is the last episode ill be watching from this season, i cant hack anymore of the poor acting and the fabricated false scenes, its unbearable. No one riding for bird except thug haha.

Most of usPoisonous Roses Poisonous RosesThats cause he was

Good cause most of it sucks. Mona Scott need a smoothie to the face and a foot to the ass for this shit.

Its not his best album but

Some of that audience went and got the tape. Its not his best album but he snapped on some of the songs,. Thats cause he was triyng to promote his brand cause it was new at the time.

No one riding

Her smoothie was purple which was on her face that dream bitches smoothie was an orange colour. Sometimes you need the perspective and the advice of someone who is objective. Poisonous Roses Poisonous Roses. Just look at the bridge scene.

Bitch made and hasnt deleted any of his cash money tweets. Most of us posted our favourite songs from the tape but no one cared to ask Danny about his thoughts. Bruh the main singer and basically who made the band Kurt Cobain is dead there is no Nirvana. That shit fire bruh, keepin it up. Still is still Tabitha to me too.

What Bug crawled up your ass and died. Those charges include a criminal sex act and two counts of predatory sexual assault. He wants to be taken seriously in the industry establish a brand. But she did her thing in Drunk in love in my opinion.

Bitch made and hasnt deletedThis is theJust look at the bridge scene

Anais looks like how I feel when Windows crashes. And it is becoming an insult. You already said that shit.

Her smoothie was purple which wasSome of that audience wentSometimes you need the