They killed his own homeboys

Wasnt Gne Stop Til I Busted

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The audio is lousy but the tits are wonderful. You dont see know white dude thats famous going to jail for shit like this. Those were the golden years of porno. Hope everything turns postive for Boosie.

Loved the way she rubbed his cum into her hard nipples. Talk about pissin a life and career away. His latest album is tuff, I was bumpin it heavy, shit got that Tupac feel to it. West Coasts those are my brothas. The dark haired one dressed in black is probably in her mid-thirties.

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She is absolutely stunning. Only thing better would be to see her get nailed. Them niggas gonna be wipin him down we he gets in there. But I'd never do it if it were going to hurt the lady. Those chats are posted below.

He knows how to make a girl feel special. Fuck everybody who go hate a nigga cause he fucked up boosie was a real nigga and live da real street life he talked bout. She looks like a great lay. But the rest is pretty good. Shes my replacement for Olivia O'lovely.

Cumming inside her was the best. Thank you for sharing it with us.

Shes my replacement for Olivia