They live happily ever after

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Adam loves Mallory so deeply

He will do whatever he can to erase the feelings she had for Michael until he is the only man she will ever want. Slowly her love for Michael has lessened, although Adam worries that she will never love him the way he loves her.

Dan Mal, yang nyaman dengan Adam dan tau bahwa Adam baik banget sama dia akhirnya setuju. Ceritanya mengalir lancar dan tidak bertele tele. There were a lot of words but nothing was happening. This is the first book I've picked up in the series.

Few days breakupThis also veered

This is the first book of Ms. As long as she keeps Michael's memory alive, she will try to find the will to live again. It had always been fate between those two people when Adam - not Mallory's family - was the one who she trusted with her secrets, her deepest fears, her nightmares. She thinks nothing of it because they are just good friends, but then one night when her nightmares and memories of Michael comes crashing over her, Adam comforts her in her bedroom. Setelah Adam dan Malory menikah, tanpa diduga tunangan Malory muncul di rumah keluarga di London.

So he stood back and watched in agony as another man courted and became engaged to his one and only love. Adam loves Mallory so deeply my heart ached for him at times. This also veered on her using Adam, which I don't care for.

So he stood back and

Few days breakup towards the end of the book. Terus mulai deh Jack masuk karena denger Grace ngomong sesuatu. So she tries to not feel at all. It was weird at first for Mallory to be married to the one she considered her best friend, but this marriage was what Adam had been dreaming for in a long time. But the reader can also see this as making the story more believable.

Terus mulai deh Jack masuk