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She does sometimes reduce her resistance which does give me hope like she told me when at work during lunch time her and a fellow worker talked together. But the space is not empty. Eventually he taps my arm to prepare a swap. First I have to go to the honey hole and taste that wet pussy that has been worked up from teasing all night long. Before she can reply her mouth is suddenly full of semen.

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And I absolutely adore her for it. Coz this involve flesh on flesh and him cuming inside of you. All I can do is imagine and hear my wife moan and groan and the bed rocking.

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Eventually the guys excuse themselves to use the restroom and I follow them. With the night always ending with them in the backseat and me driving them. My buddy is not fucking my wife, in fact there is a space half an arm-length wide between the lower part of their bodies. Use birth control as well, you do not want unwanted pregnancy and get morning after pill the day it will happen on.

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One that goes out with us to eat, concerts, clubs, etc. She just wonders if it was the drinks. Forums New posts Search forums.

She wanted him to have exclusive use of her for several weeks to see if he could get her pregnant I could have hand jobs, blow jobs and ass fuck her-just not her pussy. This can only lead to problems later.

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Explore with me and bellaazz like this. He then takes her to our bedroom, closes and locks the door leaving me outside. We have had an awesome sex life for many years. My husband has had this cuckhold fantasy forever, I have seen the porn, never really understood it all, but anyway he is away in Europe on business, but is returning soon and its his birthday. After my wife's first time of sharing her married pussy with a black co-worker of mine, I always wanted to see her become pregnant to a well hung black man.